Theme 2: Integrated hazards and risk assessment of compound disaster

We will comprehensively evaluate hazard and risk considering sea level rise (due to global warming) and compound disasters (tsunamis (seismic / non-seismic), high waves, swells and river floods). There are four goals as follows.

a) Integrate models for numerical analysis of compound disasters developed by Japanese researchers and develop hazard assessment methods.
b) Collect several local data for vulnerability assessment
c) Assess risk from disasters along coastal areas using population data, building data and vulnerability functions through numerical simulation in long-term.
d) Providing the developed numerical analysis models of various disasters and hazard risk assessment techniques to Indonesian universities such as ITB and Indonesian government agencies, etc. through seminars in Japan and in Indonesia.

We also plan to practically operate and apply our outputs to Indonesian government agencies through theme 4.

テーマ2: 複合災害に対する総合的なハザード・リスク評価


  • a)複合災害の数値解析は日本側の研究参画者が開発しているモデルを統合し、ハザード評価手法を構築
  • b)現地データ等をもとに脆弱性の評価と人口等暴露データの整備
  • c)数値モデルをもとに長期計算を実施し、建物等、暴露データ及び被害関数を通じて、沿岸域の災害リスク評価
  • d)本目標で開発された様々な災害の数値解析及びハザード・リスク評価の技術を日本・現地での講習会を通じて、ITB等大学、インドネシア政府機関等に提供