Theme 4: Development of Inclusive and evidence-based decision support platform for resilient coastal society

The aim is to develop a platform for organizing and socially implementing tools not only for disaster prevention, but also for the formation of a resilient coastal society that takes advantage of the characteristics of the region. The four goals of this research group are as follows;

  1. Establish and conduct an environmental education and ecotourism training, which include planning and implementation of afforestation as well as awareness and education about coastal conservation.
  2. Construct and conduct a disaster risk reduction education and tsunami evacuation training using the latest science and technology such as augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR).
  3. Develop indicator-based social vulnerability assessment framework to help policymakers make decisions about policy priorities.
  4. Codesign consensus building methodologies for coastal community in the evidence-based decision support platform.

テーマ4: エビデンスに基づいたレジリエントな沿岸社会形成のための地域共生プラットフォームの構築


  1. マングローブや砂浜を継続的に活用するための環境教育プログラムを作成および地域の自然や文化の保全のためのエコツーリズムの確立
  2. リアルタイム計測による警報システムの強化、避難シミュレーションを活用した避難計画、避難訓練のプロトコルの作成、および最新の科学技術を用いた防災教育の実装
  3. Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI)等を活用した強靱性への評価を行う手法の確立および沿岸災害軽減の実現に向けたロードマップの策定
  4. インドネシアの実施しているDisaster Resilient Village計画のモデル地域に実装し、地方防災計画を包含する防災計画に反映


Outline of theme 4 research plan and annual agenda