This web page is managed by Coastal Disaster Research Laboratory (official name: Research Section of Coastal Disasters), Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University. The Coastal Disaster Research Section studies research on coastal and ocean engineering, specially targeting storm waves, storm surge and tsunami hazards prevention and reduction.

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Latest major research publications

Paper published in Géotechnique

August 23, 2022 lab 0

August 23ContentsOut new paper has been publish in Nature Reviews Earth & EnvironmentThis is a review paper summarizing recent research progress of tsunami monitoring, early […]

Paper published in Scientific Data

June 23, 2022 lab 0

June 22 Contents USGS, CSIRO, Environment and Climate Change Canada等との共著論文がScientific Dataに掲載されました COWCLIP(Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project)フェーズ2によって作成され、1980年から2014年を対象に解析された過去の波浪データセットに関する論文です. Manuscript Morim, J., L.H. Erikson, M. Hemer, I. Young, […]