Coastal Disaster Research Laboratory was established as a coastal disaster research department in 1961 and is one of the laboratories with long history at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University.
The first chair professor was Professor Yuichi Iwagaki.
Since over half a century, the laboratory have been supported by many faculties, researchers, students and alumni, specially Professor Yuichi Iwagaki, Professor Yoshito Tsuchiya, Professor Tomotsuka Takayama and Professor Hajime Mase.

Changing the reorganization of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, the laboratory name and belonging department have changed several times. Below is a list of the major changes in the laboratory and past chair professors.

History of the Laboratory

  • 1961-1996
    • Coastal Disaster Research Division
  • 1996-2005
    • Coastal and Marine Disaster Research Section in the Water Disaster Research Division
  • 2005-present
    • Coastal Disaster Research Section in Meteorological and Hydrological Disaster Research Division

History of Chair Professor

  • 1961-1968
    • Professor Yuichi Iwagaki
  • 1968-1994
    • Professor Yoshito Tsuchiya
  • 1994-2007
    • Professor Tomotsuka Takayama
  • 2007-2017
    • Professor Hajime Mase
  • 2018-present
    • Nobuhito Mori