Research Projects

Contents1 Perspective2 Global Warming Impact to Coastal Zone2.1 Projection of Future Typhoon/Hurricanes and Storm Surge Change2.2  2.3 Projection of future coastal climate2.4 Green Infrastructure for [...]


Contents1 Survey and analysis reports of coastal disasters2 Tsunami 3 Storm surge  4 Extreme waves  Survey and analysis reports of coastal disasters Tsunami 2004/12/26 Indian [...]


Paper Awards/Academic Awards 2021 Gambo-Tatehira Award from the Meteorological Society of Japan   Dr. Masahi Ishii (JMA Meteorological Research Institute) and Nobuhito Mori Development of d4PDF [...]

Open data

Contents1 1. Open data1.1 1.1 Climate data2 1.2 Tsunami data3 2. Open code 1. Open data 1.1 Climate data Historical climate data Climate projection data [...]