Philippines typhoon disaster by Haiyan


Typhoon Haiyan (T2013-No.30) was extremely intense and gave huge impact on Philippines and neighbor countries. We are curious to analyze this event for future prediction of similar typhoon.

Numerical analysis

Field survey 

  • JSCE 1st Group

    • December 13-17, 2013
      • Yasuda participated as the JSCE-PICE joint survey team
      • Locations: Leyte, Samar

    JSCE 2nd Group

    • January 23-30, 2014
      • Locations: Leyte, Samar, Panay
      • Mori, Yasuda, Nishijima and Tsujio participated as the JSCE-PICE joint survey team


  • Mori, N., M. Kato, S. Kim, H. Mase, Y. Shibutani, T. Takemi, K. Tsuboki and T. Yasuda (2014) Local amplification of storm surge by Super Typhoon Haiyan in Leyte Gulf, Geophysical Research Letters, American Geophysical Union, accepted.