We here provide open data for tsunami inundation experiments targeting Onagawa Town for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami. Onagawa Town at Miyagi Prefecture was severely inundated due to catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in 2011. We had conducted tsunami urban area inundation experiments with 1/250 scale city model using HyTOFU experimental facility in DPRI, Kyoto University.

Data description

Time series of surface elevation and pressure

  • Pump generated long waves
    • Case p0133*
    • Case p0105
  • Solitary wave cases
    • Case soliton-m2
    • Case soliton-m3*
  • *Used in Prasetyo et al. (2019)

Topography and bathymetry (3D laser scanned)

  • Horizontal resolution 1mm
  • Horizontal resolution 3mm

Download data

Terms and conditions of data use

Please cite following references when you use the data. It would be nice if user send us the results or published paper.


  1. Fukui, N., A. Prasetyo, N. Mori (2019) Numerical modeling of tsunami inundation using upscaled urban roughness parameterizationCoastal Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 152, October 2019, 103534.
  2. Prasetyo, A., T. Yasuda, T. Miyashita, N. Mori (2019) Physical modeling and numerical analysis of tsunami inundation in a coastal cityFrontiers in Built Environment,Vol.5, doi:10.3389/fbuil.2019.00046, 19 p.