Paper published in Scientific Data

June 23, 2022 lab 0

June 22 Contents USGS, CSIRO, Environment and Climate Change Canada等との共著論文がScientific Dataに掲載されました COWCLIP(Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project)フェーズ2によって作成され、1980年から2014年を対象に解析された過去の波浪データセットに関する論文です. Manuscript Morim, J., L.H. Erikson, M. Hemer, I. Young, […]

Paper published in Journal of Climate

December 14, 2021 lab 0

December 12, 2021 Abstracts Understanding the systematic characteristics of tropical cyclones (TCs) represented in global climate models (GCMs) is important for reliable climate change impact […]

Paper published in Climatic Change

December 8, 2021 lab 0

December 8, 2021 Contents Joint paper analyzing cost-benefit of adaptation for storm surges considering climate change Manuscript Ha, S., H. Tatano, N. Mori, T. Fujimi, […]