New member

April 27, 2019 lab 0

People joined Miho Miyauchi has joined as bachelor student to laboratory People left Bahareh Kamranzad has moved to Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in […]

Special Seminar: Professor Kerry Emanual

April 16, 2019 lab 0

Date:  April 15-16 Time: 14:05-16:40 (15), 9:00-12:20 (16) Room: DPRI Renkei Research Building (Uji Campus) 台風セミナー2019 Speaker: Kerry Emanuel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Title 1. Tropical […]

New calendar year 2019 started

April 1, 2019 lab 0

New calendar year 2019 started Going out Josko Troselj moved to Hiroshima University Yuki Imai and Maki Chiwata were graduated Incoming/upgrade Nobuki Fukui stepped up […]