December 2021

Paper published in Journal of Climate

December 12, 2021 Abstracts Understanding the systematic characteristics of tropical cyclones (TCs) represented in global climate models (GCMs) is important for reliable climate change impact assessments. The atmospheric GCM (AGCM) and ocean wave models were coupled by incorporating the wave-dependent momentum flux. Systematic impacts of wave-dependent momentum flux on TC characteristics were estimated by analyzing […]

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Research Published
Paper published in Climatic Change

December 8, 2021 Contents Joint paper analyzing cost-benefit of adaptation for storm surges considering climate change Manuscript Ha, S., H. Tatano, N. Mori, T. Fujimi, X. Jiang (2021) Cost-benefit analysis of adaptation to storm surge due to climate change in Osaka Bay, Japan, Climatic Change, 169, Article number: 23.

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