Ph.D defense by Audrius Sabunas and Zuorui Lyu

  • 8/12 14:00-15:30, 15:30-17:00
  • Uji campus S-519D/Zoom
  • Titles
    • Audrius Sabunas
      • An impact assessment of compounding sea level rise and storm surge effects on small island states in Oceania: A case study on present and future vulnerabilities and their impacts on local populations
      • Commettee member: Nobuhito Mori, Yasuto Tachikawa and Tomoya Shimura
    • Zuorui Lyu
      • Freak Wave Analysis in High-Order Weak Non-linear Wave Interaction with Bottom Topography Change
      • Commettee member: Nobuhito Mori, Eiji Harada and Tomoya Shimura