Paper published in Climatic Change

February 23, 2021 lab 0

February 23, 2021 Contents Springer社のClimatic Changeに共同論文が掲載されました Manuscript information Mori, N., N. Ariyoshi, T. Shimura, T. Miyashita, J. Ninomiya (2020) Future projection of maximum potential storm surge […]

Paper published in Climatic Change

July 10, 2020 lab 0

July 10, 2020 Contents A paper published in Climatic Change Manuscript information Assessment of uncertainties in projecting future changes to extreme storm surge height depending […]

Paper published in Scientific Data

March 27, 2020 lab 0

March 27, 2020 Contents Community data paper has published in Scientific Data by Nature Manuscript information A global ensemble of ocean wave climate projections from CMIP5-driven models […]