Joint seminar: 理学部海洋物理学研究室2021

  • December 27, 2021
  • 場 所:宇治キャンパス S-519D
  • 会議名:3nd Joint Seminar (Kyoto Winter Seminar) for Ocean Waves, Flows, and Air-Sea Interaction
  • 参加者
    • 防災研沿岸災害研究分野:ほぼフルメンバー
    • 理学部海洋物理学研究室:吉川先生,根田先生,学生の皆さん
    • 白浜観測所:馬場先生


  1. December 27 (Monday), 2021
  2. 13:00-17:30
  3. Uji Campus Room S-519D

List of talks

  1. Development of the Simplified Ocean Model Coupled Atmospheric Global Circulation Model and The Climate Change Impacts on Tropical Cyclones
    • Tomoharu Okada (M1)
  2. Numerical experiments on effects of SST-wind interaction over a meandering front on frontal vertical circulation
    • Kouki Miura (M1)
  3. Modeling of Wind-wave Growth Based on Phase-Resolving Wave Model
    • Shoko Sato (M1)
  4. Wave resolving simulation and laboratory experiment on nonbreaking surface wave induced vertical mixing
    • Haruka Imamura (M2)
  5. Extreme wave event model validation in a laboratory
    • Amin Chabchoub (Hakubi Associate Professor)
  6. Lagrangian observation of sea ice drift
    • Yasushi Fujiwara (Research Assistant @ The University of Tokyo)
  7. Tsunami Traveltime Delay After Long Distance Traveling
    • Tung-Cheng Ho (Researcher)